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Eat FAT get SLIM!

What? Sounds like an oxymoron right? We have become FAT phobic! We need to change this, looking at the 3 Macronutrients Fats/Proteins/Carbohydrates – fats are the most important in my opinion. Our Brain consist of…

The Importance of Sleep

To compensate for lack of sleep we tend to turn to stimulants such as nicotine, caffeine, and other energy drinks. While this gives some short-term relief, in the end, it only makes the problem worse…

Sleep Significance

If you total it up, we sleep approximately 36% of our lives, yet scientists cannot completely agree on why we sleep. In fact, Margaret Thatcher once said, “Sleep is for wimps” and Thomas Edison called…

Come Check Out SuperKids Ninja Zone

Not only do we offer gymnastics to keep your child fit and active, we also have Superkids Ninja Zone program. SuperKids Ninja Zone is the physical outlet you’ve been searching for. Designed specifically for high-energy…

2018 SportsXpo Registration is Open!

Last year over 10,000 people attended the inaugural SportsXpo! In order to expose sports organizations and health professionals to the largest amount of traffic, we will be opening the SportsXpo and sale on the same…

YourSports – Chatham Youth Bowling

Rebecca Reimer speaks with Chatham Youth Bowling. Check out their facebook page here.

YourSports – Chatham-Kent Wildcats

SportsXpress’ Rebecca Reimer spoke with Jamie Ireland of the Chatham-Kent Wildcats. For more information, check out their website here .

Local Competitors Looking Ahead to Provincial Winter 55+ Games

A series of play down events will be held in the Chatham-Kent area during March, 2018 as qualifiers for the 2019 Provincial 55+ Winter Games. These games are offered every two years at different host…

CK Special Populations Provides Amazing Opportunities

I was asked to write this article on a parent’s perspective. My name is Erin Burnett, I have a 20 year old daughter named Jasmine who attends the CK Special Populations Programs. These programs give…