Brainwave Optimization Linked to Concussion Recovery

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Both physical and emotional trauma can cause imbalanced brain wave activity, negatively affecting our well-being. NHL All Star Defenseman, Kurt Sauer, knows how a physical head injury can alter life.

He spent nearly two years looking for help after a whiplash concussion forced him to give up professional hockey. Lack of energy, poor sleep, and headaches made it difficult for him to even play with his kids at home. Kurt eventually learned about Brainwave Optimization® technology and decided to give it a try. After some sessions, he had a big improvement with his headaches, sleep, and fatigue. “The technology is phenomenal. The biggest change for me is waking up in the morning. I have way less of a headache, a lot less where now it’s easy to wake up. I even got to play football yesterday with my little boys and I didn’t feel like it knocked me out at all. That was the first time in two years, so that was great.” – Kurt Sauer

NHL player, Geoff Courtnall, and NFL player, Bubby Brister, are some of the other professional athletes who have found this technology helpful following concussions. Their testimonials can be found on YouTube along with Kurt’s. Brainwave Optimization® is a one of a kind neuro-relaxation technology that mirrors brain wave activity back as sound. The brain responds by relaxing and re-balancing its own activity on its own terms. It is a safe and effective process for all ages that promotes the brain to optimize itself. 100,000+ clients over 12 years time has resulted in thousands of testimonials worldwide. Clients commonly report improvement with post trauma issues, sleep, stress, mood, focus, learning, and overall performance.

NeuroTune is a licensed provider of this incredible technology in Chatham. Contact Kris Young at (519) 365-3295 or visit online to learn more.

Submitted by Kris Young